To whom it may concern,

I would like to heartily endorse the services of Daryl Christensen to you as both a public speaker and as a sportsman. I have had Daryl work several events for me, and he has always done a very good job both in his speaking, and in the professional manner in which he carries himself.

In addition to holding his audience captive, his knowledge as a professional gives him a credibility that I found to be very evident and most welcome. When he shares his Christian testimony, Daryl is very successful in getting his message across that God is his first priority, and it is He to whom Daryl gives credit for not only his skills in the sports world, but in his success as a Christian man as well.

Should you choose to employ the services of Daryl, I am confident that you will be most pleased with his professionalism as well as his Christian demeanor. You may feel free to contact me personally about this recommendation if you like.


Ron Manske, Sr.
District HonorBound
Director W.N.M.D.

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